Monday, March 23, 2015

Introducing The FarQuest Coffee Brewer

Introducing the FarQuest® Coffee Brewer.  Original Crema Coffee.

Jack Rockwell Coffee – Is unveiling its unique one of a kind single cup brewing innovations. The age of bean to cup coffee is finally here. The retail coffee experience is about to witness a seismic shift in commercial coffee brewing from the traditional filtered, drip pot brewer, pod system and K-cup. The Jack Rockwell team has been focused and committed on radically redefining the coffee experience and our pressure brewing coffee machine known as the FarQuest® delivers that.  We are poised to redefine how the world drinks coffee.  A perfect cup of fresh brewed coffee at the touch of a single button in under a minute.

Jack Rockwell’s groundbreaking technology offers a new patented method of brewing and enjoying gourmet coffee.  We begin with whole beans which are ground in seconds and then pressured brewed, bean to cup in 30 seconds, thanks to our patented FarQuest® brewing chamber. The FarQuest® proves innovative technology can be pure and natural and taste delicious.

The FarQuest® begins a new chapter in gourmet coffee by reinventing the commercial brewing system. Gone are the days of environmentally harmful and costly K-Cups, pods and paper filters.  We keep the ecosystem clean and pure.  No more pouring out large vats of stale coffee every twenty minutes.  We are about to bring coffee making to an unparalleled personalized level never experienced previously by the world.  The future of coffee is pressure brewing.

FarQuest Team – Three entrepreneurs, Carl Campetella, Gil Garcia and Joseph DuFort who dared to re-imagine the coffee experience are announcing today an Indiegogo Campaign designed to launch The FarQuest® Coffee Brewer.  On March 30th, 2015, we will launch their campaign on the Indiegogo Capital funding platform.  This campaign will improve investor confidence and widen its customer base by acquiring Licensing agreements with key leaders in the coffee industry. The campaign will be the first for Jack Rockwell offered in terms of expanding on its Business Plan.  The Campaign will also enable individuals to invest in the innovation, invest in the future, and invest in grass roots entrepreneurship.  Join us for the next evolution in coffee.  Loose the drip!

About Jack Rockwell Coffee

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About The FarQuest®

The FarQuest® Brewer is a newly US Patented method of brewing coffee.  Most who have tasted it agree, the coffee produced is that very similar to that of the French Press however without the 5-8 minutes needed with the conventional French Press.  The FarQuest® can produce a French Press style coffee, from Bean to cup, in 30 seconds.  For more information, please visit our WebSite at